ShudhDesi Marathi Short Film Contest

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Introducing our fabulous judges for the contest. We are so excited to bring together a brilliant group of individuals who over the years have given so much of their talent, expertise, and kindness to the Marathi film industry.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions:
    1. Short Film - The Short Film (the term ‘Short Film’ includes audio video content, and the necessary metadata) shall be of minimum 5 minutes to maximum 20 minutes in duration. The Short Film must be shot in the 720p HDTV signal format with 720 horizontal lines and an aspect ratio (AR) of 16:9, full Height Anamorphic – in DV / HDV
    2. Participants – All individuals participating in the Shudhdesi Marathi Short Film Contest 2020 are herein referred as “Participants” or “You”
    3. Organizer – ShudhDesi Marathi, an original content channel in Marathi owned and operated by Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd. is hosting the Shudhdesi Marathi Short Film Contest 2020 and herein referred to as the “Organizer”
  2. Short Film exceeding the required duration as defined in point(1(a)) will be disqualified. Short Film not meeting the desired shoot specifications defined in point(1(a)) will be disqualified.
  3. We recommend keeping all the credits at the end of the film.The films must be in Marathi language, however, English subtitles are mandatory. Subtitles must be submitted separately in .srt format.
  4. Short Films submitted previously in any other competition or already released on any platform will not be considered for the Shudhdesi Marathi Short Film Contest 2020
  5. Entries for the Short Film Contest will be open from 5th January 2020 to 14th February 2020 and will be absolutely Free.
  6. All the Short Film Contest Participants will be getting Participant Certificates which will be in form of an online certificate
  7. All the prizes will be sponsored by Orion
  8. The Short Film submitted by the participant should have obtained the following prior to the submission of the entry:
    1. appropriate permissions / contracts from every person who appears recognizably in the Short Film
    2. appropriate permissions to shoot at the locations that appear recognizably in the Short Film and require releases
    3. appropriate permissions from producers, right-holders and/or co producers. Participants will retain any such releases and provide them to the organizer upon request.
  9. The Short Film must not contain any copyrighted work(s) belonging to third parties unless (1) Participant must have a license to use such works in the Short Film; or (2) the use of your Short Film makes of such works is a fair one under the copyright laws.
  10. The participant will retain any licenses and provide them to the Organizer upon request.
  11. The participant grants the organizer an exclusive and perpetual right to publish and distribute in any form their Short Film on platforms owned and operated by the organizer, and any third party platform or aggregator, with whom the organizer has a distribution agreement in place
  12. The organizer will be paying the participant a 50% revenue share from the net revenues collected by the organizer from distribution of the Participants Short Film across various platforms.
  13. The Participant grants the Organizer the right to use their name, image, voice, likeness, statements, and background in connection with the contest or ensuing events
  14. The IPR of the film will jointly belong to Participant and the Organizer. Exclusive usage of the IPR and distribution rights will be with the Organizer.
  15. The Participant, hereby represents and warrants as under:
    1. The Participant is the rightful owner(s) of the Short Film and/or have the absolute right and authority from the producers/right holders if any, to deal with the same, including participation in this contest by accepting the terms and conditions, in particular, the rights granted to Organizer for distribution of the Short Film as detailed hereinafter
    2. The Participant confirms that the content, in full or part, does not violate the copyright of any third party
    3. The Participant hereby confirms that they have not granted any rights nor will they grant any rights in the future relating to the participating film/entry/content, which could adversely affect the rights granted to Organizer for distribution of the said content.
  16. The Participant further indemnifies the Organizer and holds it harmless if the organizer incurs any loss, cost, or expense (including attorneys’ fees), due to any claim by self or any other parties relating to the content and / or their exploitation of the same. The Participant also indemnifies the Organizer from any claims that may arise as a result of the breach of the terms and conditions of this contest by the Participant
  17. The Participants further confirms and agrees to edit / modify the submitted film to the extent required by organizer in the event the Organizer informs them of a potential copyright infringement / violation.
  18. The participant further agrees to provide all documentary proof and evidence with regards to the rightful ownership of the content as may be required by the Organizer.
  19. The Participant further agrees and confirms to revert and resolve the aforesaid mentioned issues within 15 days of the same being raised by the organizer. In the event, the issues remain unresolved with the stipulated period, Organizer reserves the right to distribute the Short Film either by editing / modifying the same as it deems fit and/or in its original form at the risk and liability of the Participant.
  20. By entering to this contest, the Participant hereby grants the Organizer an irrevocable global license to use and monetize the film, as well as your name, image, voice, likeness, statements, background and biographical material. These rights exclusive and perpetual in nature from the date of consent of the participant and is assigned to the Organizer for distribution and monetization on any platform, known today or introduced in the future, including but not limited to Organizer’s own mobile applications and internet website / portal
  21. The participant, cannot under any circumstances revoke the consent on the terms and conditions of this online agreement, accepted upon at the time of registration and/or submission of entry
  22. The Participant also grants the Organizer exclusive rights to distribute and monetize the Short Film across all the platforms and mediums known today or may be introduced in the future. All rights are granted for global territory
  23. To the extent permitted by law, each participant waives and releases Organizer from any and all claims that participant may now or hereafter have in relation to moral rights or unfair competition with respect to Organizer’s exploitation of Short Films without further notification to participants of any kind
  24. In the event that the waiver of moral rights as stipulated above is unenforceable or invalid, Participants hereby acknowledge and agree that Organizer is authorized to exercise all moral rights to the Short Film, including but not limited to a right to publish, distribute, alter and adapt such Short Film, and, where applicable, also to join such Short Film(s) with other works and include such Short Films into a collective work or database. Copy, reproduce, adapt, translate, remake, make sequels, alter, rearrange, edit, cut, dub or subtitle in any language, and add to or delete from your Short Film (including without limitation the right to extract audio only or picture only content from the Short Film), in any way whatsoever, for the purpose of making and producing, advertising, promoting, publicizing, broadcasting, exhibiting, distributing, exploiting and communicating to the public and to include the Short Film (or any such altered or edited version of the film) whether as a single sequence or a series of sequences and preceded or followed by and interlaced with such other content (including without limitation any commercial breaks) as the Organizer shall determine at its sole discretion; Advertise, promote, publicize, broadcast, exhibit, distribute, monetize and exploit the Short Film (and any clips from the Short Film) or any such altered or edited version of the Short Film, throughout the world in in all media and platforms and by any and all means now known or devised in future; and Publish your Short Film, or any part thereof, to the public via the Organizer’s channels, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Organizer’s websites in any media formats and through any media channels The right to enter into agreements with any third party with regard to the exploitation, distribution and/or monetization of the said rights of the Short Film.
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